Willow Oaks Plantation - Eden, NC

The original Plantation house is the cumulative product of the ambitions of the landowner and the availability of the fine local craftsmen. While the taste for Classicism was taking hold at the time of its construction, North Carolinians in general favored building along more traditional lines popular in the late 18th century. Willow Oaks is a proud example of the many stately conservative rural plantation houses across the state, following in that tradition. The first responsibility was to accurately restore the existing house to its original detail. By contrast, the interior is more elegant and sophisticated in detail, as was common at the time. The woodwork of the main formal rooms on each floor, such as wainscoting, fireplaces and built-ins, are clearly influenced by the Georgian and Adamesque styles favored by local artisans beginning around 1800. During the construction process, all of the existing detail and interior finishes were immaculately repaired and restored.

Interiors by : Linda Knight Carr, Interiors