A Statement Regarding Energy Conservation and Sustainability

I began practicing architecture in the 1970’s during the peak of the oil crisis. At that time it became our responsibility to minimize the use of non-renewable energy sources. The response then was to design and build passive solar houses* which relied on solar heat retention, wood burning stoves and the occasional water filled solar panels. Today, sustainable and “green” architecture principles are an unstated priority for every project however humble. Time and modern technologies have made it possible to build in a significantly more energy efficient way by merely building well. Regardless of its purpose or pretensions every building must be substantial in construction. This is most often an issue of budget, however, we would rather work with modest materials well made and durable over time, than decorate inferior construction. We feel it is our professional and civic responsibility to promote and utilize whatever energy conservation methods that are at our disposal and match them to the particular needs and means of each individual client.  

   Global Architecture 13: Taplin House, 1979